A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

this is my "ultimate capsule fighter" reworked. with lots of improvements in it.

it is an infinite runner game, your goal is too shoot down the highest number of enemies. this game has been more of learning material, and i decided to finish it. after it has taught me a lot of things.

the first and final goal of this game was pushing me to learn things i did not. it was my first project out side of a well structured course and it is time to complete it.

(all models are done by Robert/RsZarka from community.gamedev.tv

we both are students from that same school. he is studying blender while i was studying unity. he is a nice guy, if you like his models feel free to contact him

hope you at least enjoy it :)

Install instructions

UnZip and play :)

H for extra health

K for losing health.

Space Jump, WASD movement

Fight the enemeis and get the highest score :)


Ultimate Robot Warrior Pc build.zip 48 MB
Ultimate Robot Warrior.app.zip 53 MB

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