the game took me exactly 29 days to finish.

an infinite runner, you can run and shoot, and choose one of 2 shooting styles

the goal is to get the highest possible score.

controls: WASD for movement J for jump, right mouse for aiming left mouse for shooting(depending on shooting mode you select from options).

cheats :

Press {H} for increasing health.

Press {K} to reduce your own health.

some Features:

A.movement system for the player
B.shooting system(2 Shooting Systems to be more specific you can select which one you want through going to the options menu before you begin the game.)
C.Basic Menu
D.basic Animations for static Enemies
E.Ranged Enemies
F.Health Systems
G.Auto Ground Generating With Blocks Attached.
H.ReSpawn System

Published Aug 24, 2016
GenreShooter, Survival
Made withUnity