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is a top down shooter game, a rich story to accompany it, smart and challenging monsters and fun levels.


you play as the nameless survivor, you wake up in a place you know nothing of.

with no memory, you wander around and you find people shooting you for some reason.

the next thing you know, you are stuck in a maze, with attackers and beasts coming one after the other.

you keep fighting for your own survival, and regaining your memories which you are regaining



press control to shoot, and move the mouse to move.

for using shop, stand on special ground and press S.

for using inventory, click on the short cut key written above each slot.


1.the game is simple with multiple AIs for the enemies(3 different AIs)

2.is procedurally generated,

3.uses Dijkstra algorithm for path finding.

4.with a simple inventory and a shop system.

5.basic level selection system. (after you complete levels)

6.health potions and different weapons at the shop.

7.rich story (one third of the game is visual novel like).

Cheats: {keep pressing (V) 35-40 times in order to complete the level}

{keep pressing (C) on the main menu in order to clear out all levels}

all assets used were from bundles, i did all the coding and setting it up together.

all credits for assets used goes to their rightful owners.

Update: now you can move with WASD. and shoot with right mouse click.

to gain access to the old movement system.

at the main menu, hit F1 and then a toggle will appear, you should UnCheck it. and this way, you gain access to the old shooting system.

Update 2: fixed a bug where the player could get stuck and be unable to move. and did some polish for the UI(shop menus).

most assets are from open.commonly.cc and the UndeadEmpire2DAssets

and some assets are from OpengameArt.


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