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this is my entry for gameZanga#6

Very Important Note: the theme of the zanga was Illusion, i must say, the gameplay contains 0% illusion, the illusion is in the story. all of it is there. so keep your eye on the story parts.

You Play as the great moth.

on your search for a home for your children whom you're protecting around you at all times. you face a lot of enemies along the way, but you must cleanse this world all of it from these enemies. in order to find and make a good home for your children and loved ones, you have lived your whole life battling and fighting for them. but you simply can not make and find the correct place, until one day, you got cursed in one of your fights, and you and started losing track of yourself.

and now you explore a new planet, a new battlefield. you must be freed from the curse.....finding a home for your children..

Controls are: {WASD} = movement and Left Control/Left Mouse Click = shooting

UnZip And Play.

Edit: Hot Quick Fix, where the player can day after reaching the ending.

hot Fix 2: added a loading screen :)

Cheats: Press {H} for a lot of extra health :)

Edit3: more minor bugs fixes,

V0.0005 should be the most stable one.

most assets are from glitchthegame,kenney assets, and open.commonly.cc


The Sick Lost Moth V0.005.zip 72 MB
The Sick Lost Moth V0.005H.zip 72 MB

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