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Elsa, Caster of the sun stones

My Ludum Dare #36 Entry.

you play as Elsa : your goal is to protect your home land for 360 seconds, and cleanse it from the monsters if you can.

your weapon is casting stones on the enemies while avoiding theirs.

controls are simple : {WASD} for movement {Left-Control} for shooting or{ left mouse button}. {J} or {Space} for Jumping

instructions: UnZip and play.

Credits: i own Zero percent of all the art that is in the game. and i was in a hurry when collecting them because it was basically well, in Ludum Dare.

the main character is from OpenGameArt(you can see her near the corner of the opengameart website (or if you search for the word Sara in the website))

the ground and fly were made by Kenney assets,

the moth was made from glitchthegame free assets pack.

the explosions were from the unity asset store if i am not mistaken (not sure on this one).

Edit: the only change on the file which i made six hours later was

changed health of main base from 50 to 20 and did same for shields. otherwise the player would never lose (it was high for testing purposes ) good thing ludum dare allows for tiny edits like that :D

Edit: now you can download it, or play it in browser.


Elsa, Caster of the sun stones(Web).zip 9 MB
Elsa, Caster of the sun stones.zip 14 MB

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